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Qingdao Hilton Hotel, Beida Boya International Hotel, Mercure Beijing Downtown Hotel, national building, Haikou Yinzhou Hotel, Jiangxi Rui snow, Jindi Lang resort, Golden Bay Jiahua resort, Huadu resort, Kunming Dianchi Spring Festival, Langfang Pullman Hotel, Mianyang Hotel Baden, Huangdao, Qingdao, Huangdao, Shanghai, areal Hotel, Suzhou hotels, Wellington, Xidan resort, hee Sea Resort

The advantages of heat insulation dining car:①Delivery of food to the banquet hall; ②Ensure the temperature, color, and taste of food; ③The transport is safe and reliable;④The heat preservation effect is good;⑤The hygiene of food


Electric Bain Marie With Cabinet

Gas Tilting Braising Pan

Gas Lava Rock Grill With Cabinet

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Dishwasher product recommendation



Mobile Food Warmer Cart



Customer conern :

1、 Whether health safety is safe or not?
2、 Is it standardized to cook?
3、 Do you cook in large quantities?
4、 Whether or not human, reduce kitchen staff?
5、 Whether to save the kitchen space?
6、 Is it possible to save energy saving and reduce operating cost?
7、 Is there a complete after-sales service network?


20-Tray Combi-Steamer

10-Tray Combi-Steamer


Conveyor Dishwasher

Dishwasher advantages: ①Improve the washing speed; ②Reduce the breakage of the tableware and reduce the loss;③Save manpower;④Reduce labor intensity and improve working environment;⑤Water saving;⑥Speed up the turnover of tableware;⑦Safeguard health and safety

The advantages of the universal steamed oven: ①Standardization; ②In large quantities; ③One machine multipurpose

Advantages of combined furnace: ①Beautiful and generous; ②Food grade stainless steel material, safety and hygiene; ③Unified layout, save space; ④Saving energy and saving energy; ⑤The operation is simple; ⑥easy to clean

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