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The advantages of universal baking oven are: ①.Standardization; ②Large quantities; ③One machine is multi-purpose; ④.Save manpower; ⑤save time;⑥save space;⑦The professional chef team

Dishwasher advantages: ①Improve the washing speed; ②Reduce the breakage of the tableware and reduce the loss;③Save manpower;④Reduce labor intensity and improve working environment;⑤Water saving;⑥Speed up the turnover of tableware;⑦Safeguard health and safety

Dishwasher product recommendation

Recommendation of thermal insulation products

Office canteen

Customer Case:

Beijing new administrative service center, National People's Congress dining hall, Qingdao twenty-three middle school dining center, Shanghai Daewoo International Primary School, sweet water garden office, Zhejiang building (new government service center), CNOOC Tianjin dining center, CITIC certificate, Chengdu tiancast staff canteen, East League ten country capacity Conference Center, Harbin merchant Industry university tourism culinary school, space Touchplus information Corp, Nanjing bank Suzhou Park Branch, Pu'er Institute, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Naval Engineering College, new century maternal and child hospital, Changchun FAW financial company


20-Tray Combi-Steamer

10-Tray Combi-Steamer


Conveyor Dishwasher

The advantages of heat insulation dining car:①Delivery of food to the banquet hall; ②Ensure the temperature, color, and taste of food; ③The transport is safe and reliable;④The heat preservation effect is good;⑤The hygiene of food

Western fast food products  are recommended


Mobile Food Warmer Cart



Recommendation of universal steamed  oven  products

Customer concerns

1、Is the food safe and safe?
2、Is the food healthy?
3、Is food tasty and diverse?
4、Are they standardized, batch cooking?
5、Do you have a professional chefs team training?
6、Is there any professional after-sale service?


20-Tray Combi-Steamer

10-Tray Combi-Steamer