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Please respect intellectual property rights. ITW sued Shanghai Wei Shun and successfully closed the case.

Group News

Illinois Tool Works Inc. ("ITW"), a global headquarters in Delaware, Illinois, USA, ITW has successfully settled a major legal dispute with Shanghai Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd. and its distributor, Shenyang City Business Co., Ltd. in May 2016.



Illinois Tool Works Inc. ("ITW"), a global headquarters in Delaware, Illinois, USA, is happy to announce that ITW has successfully solved a major legal dispute with Shanghai Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd. and its distributor, Shenyang city business limited. 


In the patent infringement indictment, ITW president Zhang Wei's H-1 and H-2 dishwasher violated two ITW patents in China, and ITW further advocated that Fu Shi Da's sale of the dishwasher has also infringed the patent of ITW in China. In the indictment of trademark infringement and unfair competition, ITW main Zhang Wei's H-1 and H-2 dishwasher are in appearance similar to the famous "AM" dishwasher of ITW, which can easily be confused. The indictment also further stated that when he sold products on a series of websites, he used the ITW famous trademark "Hobart" unfairly in product names. In the indictment, ITW also asked Wei and foster to immediately cease all violations. In the process of litigation, Wei Shun assured ITW that Wei Shun had stopped producing and selling infringing products and withdrew from related markets. ITW currently has a team dedicated to closely monitoring related markets to ensure that there is no residual infringement product in the market. In addition, ITW will also ensure that any person or enterprise selling the above infringing products will be prosecuted to the maximum extent within the scope permitted by law. ITW and the above two defendants agreed on the terms and conditions of the reconciliation in the early May and signed the settlement agreement in May 12, 2016 under the auspices of the Shenyang intermediate people's court.


"This is a great victory for China's food and equipment division and ITW." Dr. Lei Schlitz, the global executive vice president of ITW food equipment group, said, "ITW is committed to providing our customers with highly innovative and highly personalized products and solutions. The commitment to the promotion and protection of our intellectual property rights is an important and inseparable part of our efforts to ensure that our customers benefit from our leading innovation ability in our industry.


ITW and its various business groups are world-famous for their high quality innovative products. ITW food equipment group has invested a lot of resources and improved energy efficiency and reduced material consumption of its commercial food equipment products in various ways. Compared with the traditional washing arm system, the patent of wide angle nozzles fan provided by ITW can provide the most consistent atomization mode at all latitudes. This highly precise atomization mode can directly remove food particles and reduce energy consumption.


As a global leader in its various industries, ITW respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals and also expects other companies and individuals to respect ITW's intellectual property rights. ITW will resolutely take legal actions against any enterprise or individual who does not respect ITW's intellectual property rights.


ITW (New York Stock Exchange Trading Code: ITW) is a global leading manufacturing enterprise in the top 200 riches of the world, with a turnover of $13 billion 400 million in 2015. The seven ITW's leading business sectors make full use of ITW's unique business model and have achieved solid growth and best profit performance and reward in the market for highly innovative customer oriented solutions. ITW has nearly fifty thousand highly dedicated employees throughout the world's business sector, who have grown up in ITW's unique corporate culture of decentralized management and entrepreneurship. If you want to further understand the business mode of ITW and ITW, please visit the official website of ITW


Guangzhou Food Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITW's Chinese District, is a brother company with DDA Food Equipment Co., Ltd., and we are very pleased with the great victory we have achieved. Here, we call for "respecting intellectual property rights and cracking down on torts". 




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