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50L Electric Fryer EF-50L-B

50L Electric Fryer EF-50L-B

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50L Electric Fryer      EF-50L-B :

·Stainless steel furnace body, 304 stainless steel tank, safe and durable.
·Over-temperature protection device, which can cut off the power immediately when the oil temperature exceeds the alarming value to prevent dry heating and ensure the safety of operator and device.
·Unique low-temperature melting system, safe and energy saving.
·Equipped with micro safety switch. When the electrical box is lifted, the micro switch activates to cut the power supply off to ensure personal safety.
·Select 1 HOLD / 2 WORK by the transfer switch. During holding, it is 1/3 power. Users could select the level in accordance with their own requirements.
·Stainless steel drain valve.
·Equipped with basket(s) that provided with foldable and removable handle, the electrical box can be upturned 90º, easy to operate and clean.


Name:50L Electric Fryer 


Dimensions:460x620x355 mm

Power:15 KW

V0lits:380-400 V

N(KG):35 KG

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