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Gas Range With 4-Burner & Gas Oven

Gas Range With 4-Burner & Gas Oven

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Gas Range With 4-Burner & Gas Oven  

ZH-RQ-4 Features:

Burners with different power outputs (9kW, 7.5kW, 4.5kW and 3.5kW) are available and easy to replace.
The burners are manufactured through precision casting and hard plating to make sure that flames are stable and endurable; flames of the burner are designed to be flower-shaped and are adjustable, emphasizing high efficiency and energy conservation.
Stretch forming cooking surface, easy to clean.
The burners are located in the projected part of the basin and prevent water from overflowing.
Equipped with heavy hobs and extra long handles, this stove can be used for frying, stewing and roasting with very small cookers.
It is equipped with a flame failure device and a flame size control device and it is easy to operate.
The oven offers temperature control and flame failure protection functions to achieve even temperature distribution. The highest temperature can reach 320 °C.

Gas Range With 4-Burner & Gas Oven  

Model Model::ZH-TQ-4

Power Power (kw):7.8x4+4.8 KW

Voltage Volts (V):380 V

Net weight N (KG):136 kg

Specification Dimension (mm):800x900x(850+70) mm

Oven Dimension:560x700x270 mm

Gas Consumption:

LPG 2800-3700Pa(kg/h):2.06 kg/h  

NG 2000-2500Pa(m³/h):3.07 m³/h

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