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Conveyor Dishwasher

Conveyor Dishwasher

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Conveyor Dishwasher:


1.Infrared sensor will start the washing process once the dishes enter into the machine.
2.With 8 washing arms, offer better cleaning result.
3.Washing arms with drawer-type structural,make the dismounting and cleaning easier.
4.Double spray system, offers better spray and reduce water consumption.
5.Hierarchical heating control reduce temperature fluctuation, offers the best spray.
6.The double gear design minimizes the chain row wear.
7.Stable control system, the user can switch between manual and automatic operation mode freely.
8.Reserved exhaust air connector make the installation easier.
9.Sensitive limited switch to prevent damages from unloading late.


Dimension (mm):3000×860×1598
Conveyor Speed:1.6m/min
Washing Capacity:5100 碟/小时
Water consumption:最大Max. 350L/H
Washing temperature:55-65℃
Rinsing temperature:82-90℃
Belt Width:612mm
Effective washing height:440mm
Entrance length:700mm
Exit length:900mm
Washing length:800mm
Rinsing length:600mm
Water tank power:18kW
Boiler power:30kW
Total power:51kW

Just DW-F-ML5100 little dragon dishwasher parameters:

Model Model:DW-F-ML5100

Specification Dimension (mm): 3000x860x1598

Conveyor belt speed Conveyor Speed:1.6m/min

Scrubbing Washing Capacity:5100 disc / hour

Water consumption Water consumption: maximum Max.350L/H

Cleaning temperature Washing temperature:55-65 C

Spray temperature Rinsing temperature:82-90 C

Transmission band width Belt Width:612mm

Effective washing height Effective washing height:440mm

Import length Entrance length:700mm

Export length Exit length:900mm

Cleaning length Washing length:800mm

Spray length Rinsing length:600mm

Water tank heating power Water tank power:18 KW

Spray heating power Boiler power:51KW

Total power distribution Total power:30KW

Power Voltage:380V/50Hz/3

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